Onboarding day 'Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in education'

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What do Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have to offer to Education? Does it create new solutions to unsolved problems in learning environments? Find out in the 4TU.CEE onboarding day on ‘Using Virtual and Augmented Reality in education’ with key notes Pierre Dillenbourg and Max Louwerse and hands-on workshops.

Key notes 

'Active learning requires a very talented, very inspiring teacher, with strong leadership and high modesty. And a problem that needs to be solved…..’, says Pierre Dillenbourg.

Max Louwerse

'Introducing immersive education requires embracing innovation in education. The difficulty does not so much lie with the development of technology that can be implemented in education, but rather with education being willing to implement the technology,' Max Louwerse, Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University 



In the afternoon hands-on workshops will give you the opportunity to become acquainted with VR and Augmented applications that are being used or developed at 4TU and be given the tools to design and build your own.



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For whom

The onboarding day is intended for teachers and support staff who already have a little understanding of Virtual Reality, but did not develop or use any VR/Augmented applications yet in their education.  


Practical information

Date: 5 October
Time: 9.30-17:00
Location: Utrecht
Register: 4TU.CEE website