MSc. Caitlin Utama

Job title
LDE CEL Trainee / Liaison Manager
Caitlin is joining CEL as part of the LDE Traineeship, having previously graduated from the LDE Master's program Governance of Migration and Diversity.
She has worked in academia as well as in the private sector and has switched around between teaching and managerial roles in the Netherlands and Asia (Taiwan and Indonesia).
During her traineeship Caitlin will work on several case studies and assist Martine Schophuizen with her research on Educational Innovation initiatives at the LDE universities and the OU. She will use this data to create an overview of all the ongoing educational innovation projects and activities and to map out CEL's network of innovators and pioneers. Additionally she will work on organising knowledge sharing events to bring the CEL community together and share insights on Digital Education with each other.
Caitlin looks forward to connecting the pioneers of CEL to fellow academics and the outside world. 
MSc. Caitlin Utama
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