CEL Innovation Room #6: Videos in Education

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The central topic of this Innovation Room is how videos can be used in education. Different forms of video will be discussed, from a ‘production’ point of view and a ‘teacher’ point of view. A number of speakers have been invited to share their knowledge and experiences with you. The goal is to inform you about when certain forms of video are most effective, what works and does not work in developing videos and what to take into consideration when you would like to use video yourself. 

During the first part before the break, colleagues from the MOOC studio’s in Leiden and Delft will talk about the way MOOC are made there and share latest developments in filming. After the break the teacher perspective will be brought into the spotlight by teachers developing videos.

Venue:  Gravensteen Leiden University, Pieterskerkhof 6, 2311 SR,  Leiden 

This event is already full, we hope to see you at the next event! 




9.00h: Welcome with coffee

9.15h: Introduction

9.30h: Thomas Hurkxkens – Audiovisual Director Online Learning Lab (Centre for Innovation) Leiden

Thomas Hurkxkens will explain how MOOCs are made in the studio in Leiden. He will also go into the latest developments of 360 degree video recordings and Virtual Reality. Recently, during the Coursera Conference in March a live stream of 360 degree video has been made possible. Thomas will tell you how this came about and what possible applications in education might entail. 

10.00h: Ruud van Zijl – Project Manager New Media Centre Delft

Ruud van Zijl will talk about the way of working that has been developed in the MOOC studio in Delft. You will be informed about the history of the development of online learning at TU Delft and the lessons learned during that journey. Ruud will explain how they try to support teachers as good as they can and what’s expected of teachers that want to record a MOOC.

10.30h: Coffee break

11.00h: Harrie Boelens – Faculty of Social Sciences Leiden

Harrie Boelens  started with flipping the classroom last year. With short knowledge clips of 7 minutes he manages to save 15 minutes of lecture time, allowing a deeper discussion of the materials. He will tell you how he got inspired to use knowledge clips that students watch outside of class, why he opted for the ‘animation with voice-over’, and how the production process of the clips was. More information here (only in Dutch). 

11.30h: Rob Mudde – Distinguished Professor in Science Education Delft

Rob Mudde will share his experiences in making MOOCs in the studio in Delft and some work on videos he has done by himself, like using a glass plate (see here). Rob will tell you what he learned from making MOOCs and how he uses this in campus-based education. 

12.00h - 13.00h: Lunch