Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning (LDE-CEL) is an interuniversity and interdisciplinary research centre as well as an innovation and training platform that aims to discover what makes university learning and teaching work and how it can be innovated and improved. The three universities are the testing ground for continous innovation and improvement of university learning and teaching. 

CEL realizes multidisciplinary research and innovation projects in a regional (LDE), national and international context and aims to shape the future of blended higher education by research results and evidence underpinning best practices, technological innovations, and future thinking. CEL creates an ecosystem of research, innovation, and professionalisation partners and links this with an entrepreneurship program for strengthening the impact on societal relevant questions. CEL interlinks local innovation centres and communities with a common research framework and shared methods for more effective, efficient and enjoyable learning in higher education of the future.

From 2019-2024 LDE CEL will focus on 4 lines: Learning Analytics and AIED, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Digital Skills, Seamless and Blended Learning. Read more about the 2019-2024 Research Program.