Academic Teaching Lab 2018

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Teaching Lab in Delft

Teachers at Leiden University, TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam meet your peers and education experts at the Academic Teaching Lab 2018. It's an interactive workshop about education innovation,  hosted by its Centre for Education and Learning..


What is the Academic Teaching Lab

The Academic Teaching Lab is for all academic teachers from the universities Leiden-Delft-Erasmus who want to improve or re-design their course. In this special inspiring pressure cooking setting teachers will work on their course, during two full days. Together with colleague teachers from the three LDE universities, and coached by educational experts. We will apply the Carpe Diem method of course design, yielding concrete results at the end of the day.


The ATL is for teachers who have obtained their UTQ or are about to finish the UTQ programme. We aim for a balanced mix of teachers from the three universities so peers from several disciplines can inspire and complement one another's ideas.

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Some quotes of participants of previous ATL’s:
“My plan was to apply the Eric Mazur method (flipped classroom, just-in-time teaching, concept test and peer discussion) in my course. During the ATL I worked out a plan and it was a success. Now I apply it in all my courses.”

“The ATL gave me the opportunity to talk and think about teaching for two days.It was fascinating to hear that colleagues from completely different fields are struggling with the same questions”