Kick off Programming Education Research Lab (PERL)

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LIACS: Niels Bohrweg 1, 2333 CS Leiden

Teacher, lecturer, policy maker or student with interest in programming education?

On 5 March the Programming Education Research Lab (PERL) will talk to you about the state of affairs in the Netherlands. With presentations by Erik Barendsen, Eva Marinus, Jeroen Jansz and many others!

In December 2018 Felienne Hermans started at LIACS where she transferred her research into programming education to a new group PERL: Programming Education Research Lab.

Within this group, research will be conducted, among other things, into the connection between primary and secondary education, programming for children with a visual impairment and common misconceptions when children learn to program.

On 5 March, the research group will be festively opened with lectures from inside and outside the group. The afternoon starts at 13:00 and ends with a festive drink.

The event will be in Dutch.

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