ECTEL and mLearn Conference

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X, TU Delft

The international EC-TEL 2019 conference will be held in conjunction with this year's mLearn conference.
TU Delft and the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and learning will be the host of both conferences. X is the venue where everything will take place.

Bringing together the two conferences and the work of EA-TEL and IAmLearn in Delft will provide a unique platform to bring the communities together. We hope this will mark a new milestone in digital education and learning.


EC-TEL 2019 will take place from 16-19 September, M-Learn from 16-18 September.

It is possible to register for both conferences and get access to both conference programmes. On Wednesday will be a joint day, where keynote and sessions are accessible for all registrants.


Have a look at the conference programme for more detailed information:



EC-TEL mLearn Conference