ITs for Learning Programming

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Speaker: Prof.  Johan Jeuring

Affiliation: Utrecht University - NL

Presentation topic: ITs for Learning Programming

Brief introduction about Prof. Johan Jeuring: 

Prof. Johan JeuringJohan is the head of department and professor of Software Technology for Learning and Teaching at the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences of Utrecht University (95%), and professor of Software Technology at the School of Computer Science of the Open University. Besides his academic affiliations,  he is also a member of the supervisory board of DialogueTrainer and chairman of Stichting Stilt. Prof. Johan Jeuring develops software technology to support learning and teaching.

Brief explanation about the topic:

Programming tutors: tools to support students when learning programming:

Funded by a `Promotiebeurs voor leraren',  Hieke Keuning together with Bastiaan Heeren and Prof. Johan Jeuring,  are working on providing feedback in an interactive learning tool for imperative programming. Hieke has developed a tutor for imperative programming and a tutor in which a student works on refactoring exercises. Together with Alex Gerdes and Bastiaan Heeren,  Prof. Johan Jeruing is working on Ask-Elle, a programming tutor for Haskell.

Here you can find the link to the presentation on Wednesday 9 June at 2:00 PM.