CEL Science speaker: Martin Ebner

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LDE-CEL science speaker: Martin Ebner - TU Graz

Title: MOOCs, Learning Analytics and OER - why we need it for the future of higher education!

In this talk the different research fields of MOOCs, Learning Analytics and OER are addressed and brought together. Over a couple of years now, different proponents announcing MOOS or OER or Learning Analytics. Nevertheless, the idea is to put all the research results together and provide it as a service for education, especially in Higher Education. Using the example from Graz University of Technology the talk will provide insights into how we can deal with it in the future based on research findings and hands-on experiences with real student data.


Martin Ebner is currently head of the Department Educational Technology at Graz University of Technology and therefore responsible for all university wide e-learning activities. He holds an Adjunct Prof. on media informatics (research area: educational technology) and works also at the Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science as senior researcher. His research focuses strongly on seamless learning, learning analytics, open educational resources, maker education and computer science for children. Martin has given a number of lectures in this area as well as workshops and keynotes at international conferences. For publications as well as further research activities, please visit his website: http://martinebner.at 

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