Calligraphy Experiment, are you joining?

How can a sensor-based technology support an expert to facilitate deliberate practice of handwriting? That's the question Olivier Dikken wants to answer during his research. Experiments are part of this study and you can support by joining.  

olivier dikken - calligraphy experiment


Research information

Supporting expert facilitated deliberate practice of handwriting practice.

We are looking into how a sensor-based technology can support an expert facilitate deliberate practice of handwriting. If you are not a native Chinese person and have never attempted to learn to write or read Chinese, please consider becoming a participant in our study.

Deliberate practice is a type of conscious practice in which the student is closely guided by an expert teacher. As a participant you will either, practice writing Chinese characters with a teacher or practice with our custom application. We intend to evaluate the application’s potential in supporting deliberate practice and not your ability to learn Chinese characters.

Your support is highly appreciated, and you will be compensated for your time (10 euro voucher/hr). Please contact:

You will be briefed on the details and can withdraw from the study anytime you choose to do so.

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