CEL creates MOOC: Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers

mooc multidisciplinary research methods for engineers

As an interuniversity and interdisciplinary centre we believe that working together with researchers from different scientific fields is key in bringing education and learning technology to the next level. Collaboration in a multidisciplinary field can be challenging, that is why we created the new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers!

The use of data to understand phenomena and evaluate designs and interventions in different disciplines is increasingly evident. As a result, engineers and other applied scientists frequently find themselves needing to collaborate in multidisciplinary fields when carrying out research to stay innovative.

Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers
The course explains the fundamentals of planning and carrying out state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative research in different phases of an innovation or research project. Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers was designed by a team of experienced, multidisciplinary researchers in education, engineering and research methodologies. It also features experts in the field of research methodologies as guest lecturers.

mooc multidisciplinary research methods for engineers gillian saunders

Course Outline

In the course you will be working towards creating a project plan for your research, giving you a head-start in your research project. You will do so by learning to describe what multi-disciplinary research is and its associated challenges and opportunities in various disciplines. Next, you will learn about each phase of scientific research and select the appropriate methods for a research question in terms of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods.

Read more about the MOOC and enrol via the button below. The course will start on Wednesday 27 January on EdX.