Data Responsibility in Education

One of the roles of LDE partner the Centre for Innovation is to experiment with and test new technologies for education. Part of this work is focused on Data Responsibility and how to take on a holistic approach to implementing Responsible Data practices in everything they do. With the transition to online, there is a comprehensive need to understand this topic, and in the past months, the Centre has been working with Leiden and other Universities to create recommendations and best practices for Data Responsibility in remote teaching.

The Centre for Innovation's Back to Basics: Data Responsibility for Remote Teaching Series provides a foundation to base constructive dialogue regarding data privacy and protection for remote teaching. This series is meant to get teachers and education staff up to speed on what you need to know on data privacy and responsibility. It outlines useful definitions and terminology, for instance the distinction between personal and confidential data, and offers insights into how to be responsible with data under any circumstance.

Are you interested in this topic, then do read the following articles to brush up your knowledge!

Personal Data in Remote Teaching
However easy or difficult the transition to online teaching may be, it’s critical to take stock of your data practices. Working in new education environments, using new technology, and adapting teaching processes can all have serious implications for your data responsibility.

How to choose tools for Remote Teaching
This article covers the process of assessing data privacy and protection obligations when using digital tools. In large institutions digital tools are assessed and vetted by a dedicated team of experts and that is why it is always recommended that you use tools provided by the institution.