Educational innovation: case studies at LDE Universities

At LDE CEL we conduct different kinds of research into educational innovations. LDE CEL PhD researcher Martine Schophuizen, currently in her last year of the PhD, is working on mapping organisational processes and governance of embedding (open online) educational innovations within higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

In previous studies, she looked at bottom-up processes in higher education institutions where data was collected from teachers and project leaders who are involved in (open online) educational innovations. Various insights into barriers and enablers from a bottom-up perspective were identified. Her first study has been published and can be found here: Other results are still in review, and can unfortunately only be shared once published.

This month Martine, LDE CEL trainee Caitlin Utama and post-doc researcher Aodhán Kelly (Open Universiteit) started with collecting data for her final study. The aim is to get a top-down view on embedding educational innovations. Therefore case studies at four Dutch universities are being done (i.e. Leiden University, TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Open Universiteit). Part of this is conducting interviews with (vice)rectors to analyse the innovation strategy in education and steering mechanisms that are used from a leadership positions. Additionally focus groups are planned with the heads of the so called “teaching labs” of these universities. The main question in this study will be: "What is the vision and strategy of universities on educational innovations and how is this strategy implemented within these institutions to successfully embed educational innovations in the institution?"

As data collection is currently being done, there are no results available to be shared yet.
We will keep you updated and hopes to share the findings soon!