Hedy: Making learning to program easier

Written by Felienne Hermans

Learning to program is hard, because you need to think of a lot of things at once. You have to make a plan of what you are going to program, but you also need to know the right syntax; the right programming codes to use. Remembering all these codes can be really difficult, and if you want to create a program in a programming language like Python, you need to know a lot of codes before you can get started. For example simply printing something already involves typing print and using round brackets and quotations marks:

print('Hallo world’)

This might be a bit too much for younger children learning to program, but also for other novices. Research shows that people can only hold 2 to 6 things in their working memory at one time, and print + 2 brackets + 2 quotation marks might be too much to remember.

We therefore created a language in which you can start really simple, which add more and more syntax elements as you advance. The language is called Hedy and is available now at

Watch the Hedy Introduction Talk here:

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