Higher Education Academy: Framework for student engagement through partnership

Jan Nedermeijer

This framework has been led by the HEA(Higher Education Academy) to enable you to further engage students through partnership. The HEA regard partnership to be a relationship in which all involved are actively engaged in, and stand to gain from, the process of learning and working together.

Student engagement through partnership is important because it enables and empowers students to engage deeply in their learning and enhancement.  For staff, working in partnership with students can help transform thinking about learning and teaching practices.

It has been written for all partners in learning and teaching (staff, students, institutions and students' unions) to reflect on, inspire and enhance their policy and/or practice.

Adaptable and flexible to meet your needs
This framework, aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework, can be used in different ways and adapted to your particular context.

We provide a complementary toolkit to help you apply it into policy and/or practice.  

We also provide consultancy to support you to embed this or any of our other frameworks across your institution, faculty, department, programme

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Companion publication
This framework is informed by a companion publication, Engagement through partnership: students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education.  Healey, M. , Flint, A. , Harrington, K. 1st July, 2014.
Drawing together extensive UK and international scholarship and research to propose a new conceptual model for exploring the variety of understandings of students as partners in learning and teaching, this publication:

  • examines the motivations and rationales for staff and students engaging in partnership;
  • offers a pedagogical case for partnership;
  • identifies examples of strategic and sustainable practices of engaging students as partners in learning and teaching;
  • outlines how the development of partnership learning communities may guide and sustain practice in this area;
  • identifies tensions and challenges to partnership;
  • offers suggestions to individuals and institutions for addressing challenges and future work.
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