Need data-sets for your research? Happy to help

From our partner, TU Delft Extension School

The TU Delft Extension School for Continuing Education is open to collaborations with educators and researchers who wish to use data from its online courses to explore educational topics and to gain insights into learning behaviours.

Several lecturers and researchers from LDE-CEL and partner institutions have already used data made available from several of its MOOCs in the past. In addition to data access, the Extension School offers advice and support on setting up and running GDPR-compliant experiments to further innovation in education.

Monash University agreement
Most recently, the organization has expanded its research agenda to include an international collaboration with Monash University in Australia. The university houses a well-known centre for learning analytics that is regarded as world-leading in its field with currently the largest number of related publications.

The agreement with researchers of such prestigious institutions as Monash University and LDE-CEL makes possible a valuable two-way exchange: data is shared to conduct research projects, while the outcome and insights from such research are available in an open-access format and can be used to improve teaching and learning practices. Moreover, increased access to both data and results (e.g. articles, papers, data sets) further supports a common vision for open education.

If you wish to find out more about data access for your research project, please contact the Extension School Research Coordinator.