New faces at CEL: Meet Neill & Shivaani

The start of the new year has brought two new colleagues to our team at the LDE Centre for Education and Learning. We are happy to welcome Neill and Shivaani. Read more about who they are and what they will be doing at CEL.

Neill Wylie

Neill Wylie has joined CEL as the project leader for implementing the next phase of the Minecraft Virtual Campus, as well as supporting the development of the new and exciting MOOC: Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers.

Neill WylieNeill has been working in eLearning in higher education in the Netherlands since 2013, where he developed and supported Maastricht University's first accredited online writing course. "After pursuing a second masters degree in Digital Technology for Education, my interests shifted to Virtual Immersive Environments and their associated pedagogical and social affordances." Since 2019, he has been working closely with colleagues from across TU Delft in bringing pedagogical and platform expertise as well as a practical approach to the design and the development of blended and online courses, MOOCS and ProfEds.  In addition to this, Neill has been involved in the development of the Minecraft Virtual Campus since June 2020. 

Shivaani Harmsen

Shivaani Harmsen has joined CEL as the new communications officer. Shivaani is excited to share the stories of CEL and will run the main communication channels.

shivaani harmsenStill fresh in the world of academia, Shivaani studied International Studies at Leiden University and got acquainted with global politics and economics. "During the study, I found a keen interest in sustainability, which was my link to Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities. First, I worked at the LDE Centre for Sustainability, and then joined Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities as a communications assistant. The organisation showed me how important science and education are, and I'm keen to help share the important work done at CEL by presenting the latest developments in education and learning at CEL.'