Overview: Tips & Tools in online education

Online education has become a necessity is these times of Corona. A lot of helpful tips and tools are shared on social media. We made an overview for you of useful websites and listed some pioneer teachers to inspire you!

Useful Websites

Open University
Open University gives live online lectures on digital teaching, upcoming lectures are announced on "Hulp bij online Onderwijs". It’s also possible to rewatch older lectures.

On the same site you can also broaden your knowledge on online education by enrolling into short courses and find more information on Digital didactics. Do note that this website is completely in Dutch.
Hulp bij online Onderwijs
Short courses
Digital Didactics

LDE universities
Our LDE universities are working hard to help you on your way too. On 16 March Leiden University launched a new website with tips and tools for Remote Teaching. The website is updated regularly with new announcements and webinars. Information is available in both Dutch and English.
Remote Teaching

Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Community for Learning and Innovation offers advice on online education to help you find your way in creating videos and using Canvas.
In the early 2000’s Erasmus University Rotterdam together with TU Delft and RuG created the website Digitale Didactiek, it’s an oldie but still quite useful and offers information on online mentoring, digital content, collaborative learning and online assessment. Available in both Dutch and English.
Advice for online education
Digitale Didactiek

The TU Delft offers a quick guide to remote teaching and learning for their instructors, their tips are helpful for anyone that’s looking for quick practical solutions.
Quick guide to remote teaching and learning

SURF offers support to educational institutes through the online community Corona: Online onderwijs vraagbaak. With blogs, FAQ, free to use tools and webinars. Available in both Dutch and English.
Corona: Online onderwijs vraagbaak

The VSNU created an overview of all tweets about online education using the hashtag #connectuniversitiesNL.

NRO (The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research)
NRO dedicates part of their website to helping teachers set up their remote teaching practice. With "do's and don'ts", overviews of trusted knowledge sources and the possibility to ask you own question.
NRO Hulp voor leraren in het realiseren van afstandsonderwijs

Pioneer teachers in online education

Sometimes there is a relatively easy solution when going online, since our centre is situated at the TU Delft we pick up some things here and there. At the faculty Aerospace Engineering for instance, teachers like Roeland de Breuker and Boyang Chen were already teaching master courses online for professionals and have simply switched their on-campus students to their online courses. Similarly Calvin Rans and Michiel Schuurman are anticipating to use their online professional education in Air Safety Investigation to teach a course in Forensic Engineering to their on-campus students next quarter.

If however you are not so lucky, TU Delft's Rolf Hut, and Monique van der Veen share some tips on twitter to inspire you!

More information
Open University: Hulp bij online onderwijs
Leiden University: Remote Teaching
EUR Community for Learning and Innovation: Advice on online education
EUR: Digitale Didactiek
TU Delft: Remote Teaching & Learning: Quick Guide