'Quantum of Choice' wins Best Paper Award at LAK21

The paper entitled Quantum of choice: How learners’ feedback monitoring decisions, goals and self-regulated learning are related and co-authored by three LDE CEL members: Ioana Jivet, Manuel Valle Torre and Marcus Specht, received the Best Full Paper Award at the Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference (LAK).


Customisable Learning Analytics Dashboards

Learning analytics dashboards (LADs) are designed as feedback tools for learners, but until recently, learners rarely have had a say in how LADs are designed and what information they receive through LADs. To overcome this shortcoming, a customisable LAD was developed for Coursera MOOCs on which learners can set goals and choose indicators to monitor. Following a mixed-methods approach, the authors analyse 401 learners' indicator selection behaviour in order to understand the decisions they make on the LAD and whether learner goals and self-regulated learning skills influence these decisions.

The authors found that learners overwhelmingly chose indicators about completed activities. Goals are not associated with indicator selection behaviour, while help-seeking skills predict learners' choice of monitoring their engagement in discussions and time management skills predict learners' interest in procrastination indicators. The findings have implications for our understanding of learners' use of LADs and their design.


The Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK) is the flagship event of the Society for Learning Analytics Research and this year celebrated its 11th edition (LAK21). LAK is a collaborative effort by learning analytics researchers and practitioners to share learning analytics research and practice. This year, the conference took place in cyberspace between 12-16 April and attracted 600 attendees. LAK is the only conference with proceedings listed among the top-10 most cited publication venues on educational technologies. The acceptance rate is 31%.


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