Remote teaching support at the Centre for Innovation

In March we made an overview of all the helpful tips and tools that were shared on social media that month, to help set up your remote teaching practice.

It’s time for an update from LDE partner Centre for Innovation on their endeavours. What have they been up to since? And are there any current activities that will help you expand your knowledge on remote and online teaching?

Teaching support website
At the start of the corona crisis the Teaching support website was built by the Centre.  Together with Faculty expertise, ICLON, the University Library, and technical experts. Content was developed meet the direct needs of teachers and staff and is informed by the Centre’s ongoing work to transfer knowledge and expertise on digital solutions for education. 

The website is still going strong, and will continue to evolve in order to provide comprehensive, up to date teaching support. This website is also accessible for non-Leiden University Teachers:
Teaching Support Website

Webinars for Remote Teaching
In the first weeks of the crisis the Centre organized a webinar on remote teaching each day in partnership with ICLON. Due to privacy reasons the recorded sessions are behind a login and only accessible from Leiden, but fortunately new webinars are given every week.

Topics have included a huge range, and are made in collaboration with technical, media and online education experts, teachers and other staff. Most webinars are accessible to anyone interested. Upcoming events can be found here:
Teaching Support Webinars

Topics range from Data Responsibility & Privacy for online education to Accessibility for all students. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date!