Students, share your online education experience!

In these past weeks we've seen a lot of information on social media helping teachers getting their teaching online. Which is great! However, we're also curious how students are experiencing this online landscape.

Farshida Zafar, Senior Fellow in the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for Digital Governance, is collecting stories from students and asked us to share her call:

Dear students,

We hope this message reaches you in good health and spirit. Assuming you have all been enrolled in some type of online course we’d’ like to check up on you, i.e. check if you are doing alright in the current situation. 

Also, we’d like to ask you to share your #LearningOnlineVSCorona story. With that we mean, now that the courses are online: What are your best and worst experiences? What do you miss the most? What can we - universities- do to make your experience better? Don’t worry we won’t publish any of your stories, unless you want us to ;-) We are really curious how students are handling the online education.

Sharing your story can be in any format you like, a written piece, a visual, a clip, just make sure it is your personal experience and that doesn’t inflict harm and / or causes damage to others. 
If you don’t feel like sharing it online, mail me:

For now, stay safe, stay healthy and share your story.

Warm regards,
Farshida Zafar

Feel free to share this message! You can send your story directly to Farshida ( or use the hashtag ##LearningOnlineVSCorona on twitter or Linkedin.