Update Nexus report

In January of 2020, Caitlin Utama, CEL’s LDE Trainee, helped our Ph.D. candidate Martine Schophuizen to collect and analyze data for her research project, which asked the question: "What is the vision and strategy of universities on educational innovations and how is this strategy implemented within these institutions to successfully embed educational innovations in the institution?"

The interviews and focus group that they conducted as part of this research revealed how scattered the field of educational innovation actually was, and that among those supporting educational innovations from within the Centers and Labs, there was a willingness to connect with fellow pioneers in education innovation outside of their University institutions.

This, in retrospect, became the start of Caitlin’s own research project to map out all the educational innovation initiatives and initiators in one complete network overview and resulted in the Nexus Report. 

After a year it was time to update the report, as of today the updated report is available through download.  

Download the Nexus Report