Dr. Esther Tan

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Dr. Esther Tan earned her doctoral degree in pedagogy at the University of Munich, Germany where her dissertation work examined how the sequencing and distribution of classroom activities could impact the individual and collaborative learning processes and outcomes in in-and-out of classroom science inquiry learning. Her research interests include mobile learning, knowledge building, technology-enhanced learning, blended learning as well as teacher agency and student autonomy in future learning environments. She was an assistant professor at the Welten Institute (Research Center for Learning, Teaching and Technology), Open University of the Netherlands where her work focused on open online learning environments. She was part of the research team on MOOQ (quality of MOOCs) which selected as the most innovative Erasmus+ project by the European Commission. She was also involved in the Singapore Future School project on mobile learning at the Learning Sciences Lab (LSL), National Institute of Education (NIE).

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