Lydia Kes MSc.

Job title
LDE CEL PhD Transversal Competency Assessment in Aircraft Maintenance Training

Lydia joined LDE CEL in December 2022 as a PhD Candidate and focuses her research on Transversal Competency Assessment in Aircraft Maintenance Training. Lydia combines this work with her role as Head of Research and Development Aviation Education at MBO College Airport in Hoofddorp. Her goal is to align her research with developments within the college and the aviation industry, and to provide training and education accordingly.

In the international aviation industry, Lydia takes a pioneering role with the introduction of Competency Based Training and Assessment. For that reason she is active in several international collaborations and committees with industry partners, European and global aviation regulators.

In her free time Lydia enjoys singing, song writing and running.

Lydia has a MSc. Degree in Neuropsychology

Lydia Kes
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