Nesse van der Meer MSc.

Job title
LDE CEL PhD Virtual Reality in Higher Education

Having joined CEL in August 2019 as a PhD Candidate, Nesse focuses on studying the effects of Virtual Reality (VR) when applied to Higher Education. Nesse's enthusiasm for performing research started at the University in Leiden, where he followed the 'Media Technology' program for which he achieved a Master's degree in 2016. Afterwards, Nesse decided to work in the VR industry as a developer in order to gain practical experience in the field. While he enjoyed making VR experiences, Nesse's enthusiasm and love for research pulled him back to the academic side in 2019. 

With his research, Nesse aims to better understand how different aspects of VR can be used to support (or even enhance) key dimensions of successful Collaborative Learning. At the end of his trajectory, Nesse hopes to be able to provide guidelines as to how these aspects of VR can be implemented to facilitate and strengthen collaboration between group members in (higher) educational settings.

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Nesse van der Meer
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