Picture of the participants of the CEL PhD Network Kick-Off Meeting
CEL PhD Network
Connect - Share - Expand Horizons

CEL PhD Network

Within the three universities of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus PhD-students study educational topics from different viewpoints. Now that two PhD's started working for CEL to execute the research programme, a start has been made to connect all these PhD students in an interuniversity network that is named the CEL PhD Network. The network is not only for PhD's that work for the LDE universities, but all studying education, whether it is from the perspective of pedagogy, technology, psychology, learner analytics, or any other discipline. 

The network is a new initiative and has been started with a lot of energy. The network aims to connect PhD’s that work in the educational domain to share knowledge and ideas, give feedback on one another’s work and might even provide opportunities to publish together. Various disciplines and methodological stances within the educational domain are represented in the network to enable interdisciplinary collaboration and the widening of horizons.  By working together, the scope op projects can be enlarged so that more parties benefit from the research. 

If you are interested in joining the network you can contact Tim van der Zee, and/or sign up for the CEL Newsletter in case you would like to be updated on the CEL PhD Network activities.