Starting september 2023: Living Education Lab
'The minor educational technology really is a simulation of what professional life will look like'

This LDE Minor combines the domains of design thinking and technology-enhanced learning and teaching with interdisciplinary group work. You are guided through your individual learning path towards skilled educational innovators and researchers who know their way in the worlds of Education, Technology and Design and are able to apply this knowledge in educational practice. In a multidisciplinary group you will face real-life challenges you have to solve considering all important aspects of three domains involved.

Starting september 2023: Minor Living Education Lab

For whom?

Students from all disciplines who are interested in education, technology and design thinking are welcome to participate. At the start of the minor the facilitators will compile the groups as diverse as possible so students are complementary in competencies and skills and learn from their peers. There is room for 90 students.

What will you learn

After completing this minor you will:

  • be able to compare and contrast learning paradigms and their implementation in education
  • know about different educational technologies and their affordances
  • know how these technologies are used for enhanced learning
  • know and understand the phases of Design Thinking and the associated activities and outcomes

In the 2nd semester you will solve a given challenge, including

  • specifying different instructional design and pedagogies
  • developing a conceptual design for an EdTech solution
  • applying the Design Thinking process


Participating institutions

This minor is organised by: ICLON LeidenErasmusX and LDE Centre for Education & Learning