Student Assistant Jobs

At LDE CEL we are also working with Student Assistants. See below our open vacancies. 

Furthermore, we also offer several Master/Bachelor Thesis topics which can be found here.

Student assistant

Problem based learning (BPL) is widely implemented in higher education. Much has been written about PBL as a pedagogical approach, however, we still do not know much about what actually happens in the classroom. In collaboration with researchers from Aalborg University, Denmark, we aim to unravel these processes. Both universities collected a large body of video and audio data of students working in PBL settings. Through a fine grained qualitative analysis of our data, we aim to better understand how collaborative processes unfold. We are looking for a research assistant who can assist us during the analysis process.


  • Selecting and getting familiar with software for qualitative data analysis
  • Qualitatively analysing collaborative patterns
  • Creating a visual representation of data

The estimated workload concerns 60 hours, that can be flexibly divided over the first semester.

Interested or any questions please contact Gitte van Helden (