CEL PhD Symposium: "High quality PhD Research: Reproducibility, Credibility and Validity "

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PhD candidates are expected to do high quality research. But what does research quality mean and how can the validity of studies be ensured?

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Venue: Erasmus University College, Nieuwemarkt 1A, Rotterdam, in the city centre, near the new Markthal building, reception telephone: +31 (0)10 408 9000.

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PhD students are cordially invited to attend the Symposium “High quality PhD Research: Reproducibility, Credibility and Validity,” on Thursday January 21, 2016. The event is organized by the PhD students of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Rotterdam (LDE) Centre for Education and Learning (CEL). The symposium focuses on how to do high quality research,  and includes keynotes and interactive sessions about reproducibility of studies and open access.

Speakers are Daniel Lakens and Rolf Zwaan, both eminent researchers and advocates of improving the quality, validity, and reproducibility of science.

  • Daniel Lakens is Assistant Professor at the Human-Technology Interaction group at Eindhoven University of Technology. He blogs on methods and statistics, and regularly teaches workshops on the topic. In the last few years he has developed an interest in the importance of (preferably pre-registeredreplications and ways to improve how we interpret and design studies. You can find more information about Daniel on his website.
  • Rolf Zwaan is Professor of Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and is interested in the relationship between language processing and action, perception, learning, and memory. He also blogs on methods and statistics, such as inference, replications, and questionable research practices.

Below, you find an attachment with more information. Participation is free of charge. As there is only a limited amount of available places, participation is only possible after you received an confirmation e-mail.

Although CEL is focused on higher education research, the event is open to researchers of any domain and position whom want to learn about improving the quality of their research.

Looking forward to meeting you in January!