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Workshop AduLet: Build the Community

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Teaching Lab, TU Delft

On Monday 18 February CEL proudly organizes the Workshop AduLet Build the Community Workshop by our own Esther Tan and Marcus Specht.

Are you a lecturer with experience in Technology Enhanced Learning or without experience but are keen to integrate use of learning technologies in their teaching? Then this workshop is for you!

Esther Tan and Marcus SpechtThe objective of the workshop is three-fold:
1. To share best practices: TEL (Technology-Enhanced Learning) methods & tools.
2. To provide hands-on session for HE teachers to think about lesson design with TEL methods & tools.
3. To collate new TEL methods/ tools and to improve on existing ones.

Join us on this free of charge workshop at the Teaching Lab of the TU Delft!


15:00 Plenary welcome and overview of AduLet project, portal, workshop objectives and activities. Check out the project portal: https://sites.google.com/site/aduleteu/home

15:10 Presentation of Bloom’s digital taxonomy of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) tools (activities and cognitive processes) and TEL teaching methods; Presentation of the TEL Teaching Method template and TEL Tool template; Participants receive hand outs: the Mindmap, TEL teaching & TEL tool templates

15:25 Hands-on sessions:

Step 1 (20 min.)
Participants identify an effective and efficient TEL tool or teaching method that they have used in their instructional program or work context. Participants use the TEL tool template or the TEL teaching template to document their one highly recommended TEL tool or teaching method.

Step 2 (30 min.)
Participants share in small groups (grouping based on TEL tools or TEL Teaching method) their recommended TEL teaching methods or TEL tools. Participants think about how the TEL teaching method or tool supports the cognitive processes and activities in Bloom’s digital taxonomy.

16:15 Plenary discussion and sharing of TEL methods and tools. How do the effective use of technologies support the desired learning processes and outcomes as exemplified in Bloom’s digital taxonomy? What are the biggest challenges and implications?

16:40 Feedback and comments on the TEL teaching template and TEL Tool 

Registration for this event has closed on Wednesday 13 February.

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