A list of seminal papers in educational psychology

Tim van der Zee

It is increasingly difficult to stay up-to-date with new research, even for scientists but especially for teachers. Furthermore, given the continuous stream of new research being published it is easy to miss out on old(er) but maybe more relevant or eminent work. To counter this issue, Paul Kirschner (Distinguished Professor at the Open University of the Netherlands) made a list of seminal works in educational psychology. These items on this list range from "A social-cognitive approach to motivation and personality" from Dweck, C. S., & Leggett (1988) to "Multimedia learning: Are we asking the right questions?" from Mayer (1997).

Each paper on the list is accompanied with an abstract of the content, so even if you do not want to read the entire article it is easy to at least get an impression of the main conclusions. Links to the full articles are also given, although some articles might be pay-walled.

You can find the list here; happy reading!