Academic Teaching Lab 2016

Second edition Academic Teaching Lab

Thursday 17th and Friday 18th of November the second edition of the Academic Teaching Lab took place in Sassenheim.

12 teachers and professors from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam worked on improvements of their academic courses with a clear vision, mission and a lot of enthusiasm. The aim of this pressure cooker session was to make their subjects and courses more interesting, attractive, innovative, fascinating and accessible for students. There was a variety of subjects: from a freshman course in Psychology to a mastercourse in Applied Science.

The participants started to pitch their subject and ideas to formulate their focus for the two-day session. Supported by educational- and serious gaming specialists and a visualizer the participants worked very hard. After a lot of brainstorming, discussion, thinking and drawing all participants ended up with an action plan to proceed and a pitch to present their ‘Eureka moment’.

The results were impressive; all participants and organisers were more than satisfied with the outcomes. We can look back to an efficient, effective, energetic and pleasant two-day session.