Augmented and virtual reality for today’s learners

Nelson Jorge, Sofia Dopper and Johanetta Gordijn: Augmented and virtual reality for today’s learners

After a short break Nelson JorgeSofia Dopper en Johanetta Gordijn of the Delft Extension School put the audience to work.  The message is that  AR and VR are in the pockets of us all; we all have a smartphone with recording devices.  Which lightweight applications can the audience invent in order to be able to apply AR/VR in education at a low cost base? Each table gets an ‘AR & VR Learning Experience Canvas’ to elaborate the ideas. 

Discussion about AR and VR

Scann3DSketchfabAugmentDottyAR en Cardboard Camera (Android of iOS) are mentioned as usefull low cost tools. 

The audience came up with various ideas: rebuild the Rotterdam city centre using augmented reality on a smartphone, use the Hololens in vocational education about arthritis of the hand, use AR in a public transport setting.

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