Dr, Martine Baars: Keynote speaker at Annual Meeting LDE-CEL

During our Annual Meeting on 14th December, Dr. Martine Baars will be one of our keynote speakers.  Martine will tell us more about:  The self in supporting self-regulated learning. About supporting self-regulated learning processes, the role of autonomy, technology and the students themselves.

Dr. Martine Baars

Martine Baars, Ph.D., is an educational psychologist at the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her research concerns instructional strategies and technologies to improve self-regulation of learning in primary, secondary and higher education. She focuses on several aspects of self-regulated learning such as self-monitoring accuracy, motivation, learning strategies and cognitive load during learning in both offline and online learning environments. 

Abstract: The self in supporting self-regulated learning

Self-regulated learning is an important part of academic achievement. Students at all educational levels should learn to accurately monitor their own learning processes and act upon that information. That is, to regulate one’s own learning processes, one needs to know how the learning process is going. Yet, from research it shows that it is very difficult for both adult and younger learners to accurately monitor their learning and regulate it accordingly. Luckily, supporting self-regulated learning processes was found to be effective for different types of students. But what happens when the support is at the students’ disposal and they are free to choose to use if or not? In this keynote I would like to share some reflection based on the studies we did on supporting self-regulated learning with a high degree of autonomy in the learning process itself as well as in choosing to use the self-regulated learning support.

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