First keynote speaker Annual Meeting LDE-CEL

During our Annual Meeting on 14th December, Prof. dr. Anique de Bruin will be one of our keynote speakers.  

The first keynote speaker will be,  Prof. dr.  Anique de Bruin and she will talk about:  "Worth the effort. The self-regulation of desirable difficulties." 

Anique de Bruin

Short CV:
Anique de Bruin is a professor in Self-Regulation in Higher Education. Her research focuses on fostering understanding of metacognitive and (meta)reasoning processes in learners of diverse ages and backgrounds (from developing children to learning professionals), in a variety of domains (e.g., language learning, problem-solving, skill development) with a specific focus on health professions education and with the aim to construct design guidelines to optimize these processes. Funded by the Dutch Science Foundation, she set up a line of research developing effective interventions to improve monitoring when learning to solve problems and when learning from texts through generating diagrams or keywords and that identified implicit indicators of students’ overconfidence when monitoring their learning. She is currently leading two collaborative research projects (NWO-Vidi and NWO-PROO funded) on effort regulation during SRL and on instructional design of nudging interventions to improve monitoring of learning. She is vice-director of the Graduate School of Health Professions Education at Maastricht University, is a member of the Maastricht Young Academy, and was selected for the Karolinska Institutet KIPRIME Fellows Program.

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