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The HEA undertakes and commissions research into learning and teaching in higher education. Our research has been used as an evidence base by policy makers and practitioners, within the sector and outside it, to inform their work. You can read a summary of our research from the past two years here.

We have recently commissioned major new research on a range of topics, including:

  • Engaged student learning: high impact strategies to enhance student achievement (University of Southampton)
  • Shifting landscapes: meeting the staff development needs of the changing academic workforce (Institute of Education)
  • Interdisciplinary provision in higher education: current and future challenges (University of Edinburgh).

We have also been contracted to undertake a major review of external examining across the UK, which will report in May.

Supporting effective practice in learning and teaching
But while evidence is vital, we also understand the need for practical guidance and tools to help with learning and teaching. That is why the HEA has been developing frameworks, informed by its research, that will inspire and assist you in the enhancement of policy and practice.

We have already launched frameworks for:

We are now helping institutions to use these frameworks through our strategic enhancement programmes, and will be launching new frameworks in the near future.

Influencing policy, future-thinking and change
The HEA partners with the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) on a series of invitation-only breakfast seminars held at the House of Commons. These bring together key influencers to debate core topics, which for 2015 include the forthcoming general election, the well-being of students, and the cost of higher education.

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