Winners Henk Dekker Award

This year during the annual meeting of LDE-CEl the Henk Dekker Award has been awarded. This year the selection committee had to make a difficult decision… From six excellent innovators, they had to choose one.

The six nominees and their projects are:

  • Aris Politopoulos (Archaeology faculty, Leiden) - The use of playful methodologies in academic education. He has been extensively using video games to teach various archaeological topics.
  • Eduardo Mendes (TNW TUD, Chemical Engineering) - Eduardo is the initiator of the course Art, Empathy & Ethics, and director of the Specialisation “Awareness & Culture”, part of the Interfaclty Honours Program.
  • Isabel Awad (ESHCC, Media & Communication) - Development of the interdisciplinary platform Learning for Equality, challenging students to critically reflect on the societal impact of their work and find ways to communicate results to a broader public. 
  • Mijke Slot (ESHCC, Media & Communication) - Dr Slot considers educational innovation as a mindset of constant improvement. She contributed to the first Erasmus MOOC (Serious Gaming), transformed a theoretical seminar course to a challenge based course and was teaching in a blended way far before Corona crisis. Her own online portfolio is integrated in Canvas and can be found here.
  • Carlijn Bergwerff (FSW, Pedagogische Wetenschappen) - Using Virtual Reality to train students in conversation techniques in order to learn how to handle complex situations in a safe environment.
  • Anne de Pagter (Erasmus MC) - Initiated evidence based programmes MATCH1 and Challenge & Support 2 to stimulate doctors to keep on developing (LLL)

The committee was not able to select one winner. Carlijn Bergwerff and Eduardo Mendes both won the 2021 Henk Dekker award, which was handed out by Rob Mudde,  who emphasized the importance of constantly recognizing educational innovators at the universities.

Congratulations Carlijn & Eduardo!

Henk Dekker - EduardoHenk Dekker - Carlijn