Dr. Bibeg Limbu

Job title
LDE CEL Researcher Augmented and Virtual Reality


Bibeg Limbu is an Educational Technology researcher at LDE CEL, TU Delft and holds a PhD in technology-enhanced learning from the Open Universiteit, Nederland. He received his MSc in Educational Technology from the University of Saarland and BSc in Games technology from Anglia Ruskin University. He also received his Diploma in Multimdedia from Hales Institute, Melbourne. He works in the domain of psychomotor learning, Multimodal Learning Interaction (MLX), Mixed Reality (MR) and Sensor-based learning. He is also interested in design and development of serious games for education and fostering deliberate practice in psychomotor learning. He has been involved in several European projects such as WEKIT and SafePAT. He is currently working in the project HoloLearn [https://github.com/hololearn-project/hololearn-hub] where he investigates the use of hologram to facilitate real-life interactions in virtual classroom.

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Bibeg Limbu
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