HoloLearn (Holographic Learning) project aims to stimulate richer social interactions in online/distance education between students and teachers by making use of holograms at TU Delft.

About the project 

A survey conducted by the TU Delft student council on student satisfaction and similar studies at other universities have shown that online education has a negative effect on student performance.  The COVID-19 pandemic forced all educational activities to be distant and remote, however, remote online classes through conventional media such as skype, zoom or YouSeeU offer little in terms of nurturing presence for effective learning and teaching. 
Such media, often, are limited in modalities and fail to create the dynamics of a physically co-located classroom. 

In the HoloLearn project, by means of holograms, we intend to create a co-located classroom experience during online classes which can also lead to improved learning performance. To accomplish this goal, the project has two major objectives: 

  • Seamless integration of holograms in current [distance] teaching practices. 
  • Explore the implications of holograms on social interactions and educational outcomes. 

Project approach

This project was initiated along with the student council of Tu Delft, which is why we intend to have students involved in every manner possible. A group of selected students directly contribute to the project as members of the project. However, we will also provide other students and teachers with sufficient opportunities to contribute to the project with their ideas and feedback by means of several events. The core team will install recording, playback and hosting infrastructures that will make the process of using holograms in classes at ease. Once the infrastructure is ready, the implications of holograms will be studied. 


New Media Centre - TU Delft 
Student Council - TU Delft