Eng. Manuel Valle Torre

Job title
Research Engineer at the Delft Data Science initiative of WIS at TU Delft


Manuel is a Research Engineer at the Web Information Systems of the Delft University of Technology, working on the design, development and maintenance of different research tools and frameworks. Some of the tools have been applied on research focused on semantic enrichment, named-entity extraction, and document navigation; as well as the creation of educational material in databases courses, such as labs, assignments and exams. 

By 2019, Manuel joined LDE CEL, to work with data-driven applications in education, such as Learning Analytics and Dashboards, and participate in other educational research. Starting this year, he will also collaborate with the creation, structure and distribution of tools for the teaching of Digital Skills and Programming, specifically Jupyter Notebooks. His background is on Computer Science and Business Informatics. 

Eng. Manuel Valle Torre
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