Manuel Valle Torre MSc.

Job title
PhD Learning Analysis


Manuel is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Education and Learning (CEL) at TU Delft, in the Netherlands.

After completing a master's degree in Computer Science in Delft, he joined the Web Information Systems group as a research engineer, working on the design, development and maintenance of different research tools and frameworks. Some of the tools have been applied on research focused on semantic enrichment, named-entity extraction, and document navigation; as well as the creation of educational material in databases courses, such as labs, assignments and exams. 

By 2019, Manuel started collaborating with LDE-CEL, to work with data-driven applications in education, such as Learning Analytics and Dashboards (see the edX analysis tool below, or the Quantum of Choice paper), and participate in other educational research.  In 2021 he started his PhD in CEL, currently the focus of his research is on the implementation of LA methods in complex learning tasks, to provide learners with personalized and timely support. Visit his personal website here

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Manuel Valle Torre
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