educational networks and communities in the energy sector

Educational networks and communities in the energy sector

This project is aiming to understand the educational networks and communities, raise awareness about these networks and support them to grow. We will identify the main motivation and barries of knowledge adoption, transfer and exchange between different professionals in energy sector.

About the project 

These days, we face a dramatic transformation in our society. Growing technologies leads to the transformation of professional practices and communities, and a big shift in the way in which people work, communicate and share their knowledge. New technologies and innovation can be used to understand and help the educational networks and communities that are important for professional development in our fast-growing society. The transformation of society due to the new technologies and innovation raises the importance of linking professional and academic learning. 


First, by conducting four different research projects, we will expand theoretical knowledge about learning networks and educational communities. In these four scientific publications, we will investigate the role of social network analysis in raising awareness about formal and informal learning networks. In the next step, we will explore the role of social learning analytics techniques in expanding and growing such networks. Finally, Gamification and other behavioural change approaches will be used to test if we can use such techniques to help our networks. Based on the results of these studies, we will link different professionals around a knowledge infrastructure cycle and develop services like in-situ personal reflection and competence development as also community-based collaboration. 

Expected outcomes 

One of our goals in this project is using advanced methods and technologies like Social Network Analysis and Social Learning Analytics to raise awareness and help the educational networks and professional learning networks to grow. 


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TU Eindhoven
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