TransAct; Networked learning and professional development in energy industry

Project introduction and background information:

TransAct will analyze and advance existing Learning Networks (LN) in the installation sector using a model of personalized lifelong knowledge development and trans-sector knowledge sharing based on a shared incentive model. The project will identify the main motivation and barriers of knowledge adoption, transfer and exchange between different stakeholders ranging from producers, installers, to maintenance. Second the project will develop stakeholder specific models of achievement and incentive structures and embed them in a joint LN. TransAct will research the difference in motivations and incentives of the different sector stakeholders and create a LN model based on an exchange able educational currency, this will be used to foster and motivate stakeholder specific activities. The project will link different stakeholders around a knowledge infrastructure cycle and develop services like in-situ personal reflection and competence development as also community-based collaboration and situated problem solving. Linking these activities to a shared underlying incentive model will allow the connection between formal and informal learning activities as also a personal management and portfolio building of applied and theoretical learning experiences. The learning content will focus on data-driven maintenance & design, relating to the challenges of the energy transition.

Objective and expected outcomes:

The project will research 4 prototypes and link existing research of learning communities and MOOC based learning with incentive and achievement structures from simple short term gamification patterns to long term portfolio building and lifelong professionalization. As a result different evidence based guidelines will be delivered on how to build learning networks and integrate existing community systems and solutions.


  • TU Eindhoven
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • TU Delft
  • Mondriaan
  • ISSO
  • TVVL
  • Kropman
  • Caleffi
  • Halmos
  • Wij Techniek
  • Avans Plus