Rapide - Let’s get Flipped!

LDE-CEL is one of the partners in the RAPIDE Erasmus+ project on innovating teaching. As part of this project, all partners have developed an e-course consisting of 4 modules, named Let’s get Flipped! In this first run of this e-course, we are looking for enthusiastic participants who are interested in taking part.

We are therefore happy to invite you to join us in any of the 4 modules developed within the Erasmus+ RAPIDE project and designed for higher education teachers, managers and learning designers. 

The RAPIDE modules are an excellent opportunity for our professional development, collaboration with international experts and peers, as well as a chance for a unique co-creational experience.

We use this opportunity to stress that RAPIDE modules are research-based short online courses that include theoretical introductions to four major topics, best-practice examples and hands-on activities, related to innovative pedagogies and assessment, learning analytics and impact of innovative pedagogies. 

The course consists of 4 online modules, using Moodle, which can be followed mainly asynchronously with a few live sessions. 

Although the modules are designed to be attended in sequence, they are developed to allow advanced participants within different topics to skip the related activities. However,  it is strongly recommended that participants take the course in its entirety since the project is based on co-creation and the engagement of the advanced participants will be very appreciated by us as Project team as we would like to invite all participants afterwards to give feedback to their peers, experts and workshop creators. 

Completion of each module will be awarded by 1 ECTS credit (4 ECTS credits for the entire course) by the University of Zagreb, which gives you the opportunity to use these credits towards your own education if applicable and if approved by the relevant Board of examiners.

To take part in the RAPIDE e-course, please register by  June 24, 2022.

Please note that after your registration, you will receive with all details regarding the access to the course and the activities. 

A detailed schedule is available in the attached documents, but please note that the modules will be delivered according to the following timeline:

  • Module 1 (innovative pedagogies): 27 June – 10 July
  • Module 2 (assessment): 5 September – 19 September
  • Module 3 (learning analytics): 26 September – 13 October
  • Module 4 (impact): 17 October – 6 November.

The official language of the workshops is English. 

To learn more about the project, visit the official project website: https://rapide-project.eu/

Please consider taking part and feel free to forward this to any colleagues who are interested!

We hope to meet you all in one of the modules!

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