CEL Innovation Room 12: Self-Regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

On October 9th 2018, SOONER PhD candidates Renée Jansen (Utrecht University) and Martine Schophuizen (Open University NL) organized the 12th LDE CEL Innovation room.

They organized a research workshop at the Teaching Lab at TU Delft about Self Regulated Learning. Joint organization made it possible to bring together 20 international researchers active in the field to discuss self-regulated learning in digital and (open) online learning environments.


The aim of the workshop was to bring together both junior and senior researchers, and to facilitate discussions about different aspects of research on self-regulated learning with a focus on digital or (open) online learning environments. Starting from a discussion about the definition of self-regulation within this context, various topics were discussed, such as the available instruments for collecting data, how to use trace data or log data, analysis of these data and how interventions in a digital or (open) online learning environment can be designed.


This research workshop is the 12th in a range Innovation Rooms organized by LDE CEL to bring researchers and practitioners on several topics together in order to establish networks of experts working on enhancement of Higher Education by connecting state-of-the-art research and innovations.