Kick-off meeting CEL

The official CEL kick-off took place in the presence of Prof. dr. Huib Pols (Erasmus), drs. Anka Mulder (Delft) and Prof. dr. Simone Buitendijk (Leiden) on 14 May 2014. The presence of the three Executive Board members responsible for education underlined the importance of the newly founded centre and our main goal: facilitate the free flow of ideas, data and people. We believe this helps our university (teaching) staff to research and improve the teaching and learning experience of lecturers and students at our universities.


CEL kick-off, Prof. dr. Huib Pols, drs. Anka Mulder, Henk Dekker and Prof. dr. Simone Buitendijk


Over 50 participants from all three universities gathered in Delft to meet and greet each other but also to work together. The Executive Board members are aiming at close cooperation between the three institutions in three fields:

  1. Research into Higher Education

  2. Educational Innovation Projects

  3. Professional Training of staff

The Board members presented their vision in a Q-and-A session on the future of university education and on our role in bending that future through research. Afterwards the group of participants was broken up into four groups to work on a concrete research question.

Kick-off CEL


The essence of the day has been captured in a video impression and a report (in Dutch). A booklet with profiles of all attendants and the presentations can be found in the attachments on the bottom of this page. 


Booklet Kick-off meeting CEL: profiles of participants (1011 KB)
Presentation prof. Jan van Driel: research at Leiden University (204.5 KB)
Presentation dr. Pieter de Vries: research at TU Delft (905.1 KB)
Presentation dr. Gerard Baas: research at EUR (312.79 KB)